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Chris Sharpe is also an associate of Twin Rivers Rehab in South Africa

Twin Rivers in South Africa

Addiction Counselling and Rehabilitation Services

Listed are a range of the counselling and rehabilitation services offered by Chris Sharpe

  • Drug & Alcohol addiction
  • Food Addiction
  • Post Rehab & Detox Counselling
  • Gambling
  • Sex Addiction
  • Self-esteem Issues
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Drug and Alcohol Related Family Problems
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Rehabilitation Services

Chris Sharpe addiction counselling and rehabilitation services are available from clinics in Knowle, Solihull and Stratford upon Avon, which are accessible from Warwick, Birmingham, Redditch, Bromsgrove, Droitwich, and Coventry.

What is addiction counselling?
It is my considered opinion that recovery from addiction is principally about change. Change is painful; the counselling objective therefore is to hold the client until he or she is ready to make that change. Initially counselling may prove to be an alien world for the client, a world where there can be much fear and vulnerability. As a counsellor, my task is to help him or her through those fears. An addict’s early experiences may tell them that it is not safe to express their fears, not safe to be intimate and close and open with others. They will have built a seemingly endless defence, an array of maladaptive ways of coping. Counselling should allow the time and the space for the client to slowly discard these deceptions, giving them the permission and freedom to explore new and healthier ways of coping.

Who is the client?
The client will almost certainly be vulnerable. He or she may be insecure and have feelings of low self-worth, despite often presenting as the opposite. They will be alcohol or drug dependent, which means that for possibly several years alcohol or drugs will have been their crutch, their best friend and the provider of an artificial self-assurance and confidence. What counselling is required to do initially is to form a ‘therapeutic alliance’ with the client. This would imply that the counsellor needs to posses the innate characteristics of warmth and caring and be able to understand and empathise in order to form an all-important initial bond with the client.

What is the setting?
My experience tells me that most addiction clients come from a world of chaos and confusion. This could be mental confusion, emotional and or physical confusion. In all probability there will also be chaos in relationships, social life and in the work place. It is my belief that to work with an addiction client is to offer him or her sanctuary from this chaos, a place of hope and refuge, and both the counsellor and the counselling place need to become that point of hope.